About Us

Judgify is an online judging system designed to empower awards organizers in the world to setup awards and competitions with ease.

A cloud-based and mobile-ready awards management software, we seek to transform the management of awards into simple, transparent, and credible processes.

Awards management has never been simpler.


Judgify was built based on an awards lifecycle that we came up with for successful awards:

  1. Create your awards page
    Define what your awards are about and bring in the finest in the selected industry - all while showcasing your branding so entrants and judges remember you.
  2. Call for submissions
    Send the invitations for submissions to maximize award entries.
  3. Collect orders for paid entries
    Easily process payments online for paid submissions to ensure your revenue is well received and accounted for.
  4. Public voting
    Let the public decide which of the submitted entries speak to them and best represent your awards.
  5. Invite judges
    Get experts in their respective fields to make the call on which entrant should be awarded.
  6. Private judging
    Have a round or two of private judging to get further approval on the entries provided.
  7. Shortlist submissions
    Select the best entries before making the final decision on the awards.
  8. Grant the awards
    Reward the best in the industry after careful selection and voting.
  9. Generate reports
    Analyze how well your awards and processes fared through automated reporting and collation of data.