Judging Anytime, Anywhere

Judging Anytime, Anywhere

Determine judging criteria and abstention rules. Map judges to categories and enable online judging of industry awards — anytime, anywhere.


Judging Criteria

Customize judging criteria by industry or award category and create your own award scoring formulas.

Judging Rounds

Set the desired number of judging rounds for all your industry awards and contests.

Judges Assignment

Select which judge to involve in a specific awards category, group and round. Send invitations and receive notification emails from judges upon confirmation of assignment.

Judge's Abstention

Notice a conflict of interest between the judge and an entrant? Judge'sntion allows judges to be abstained from voting for selected entries, therefore avoiding any issue.

Judge On Any Device Anytime, Anywhere

Our online judging module is responsive, thus allowing judges to start their judging process online on any internet-enabled device — anywhere, anytime.

Judging Group

You can create online groups based on criteria such as industry, category, submission or entrant form fields. Assign judges based on groups, such as geography or the industry the entrant is from.

Judges Shortlist

Shortlist the online entries by individual rounds before you officially release the list of entrants to the judges.