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Entries Deadline

30-Apr-2018 06:00 PM (GMT +8:00)

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IRC 2018 features the International Rice Research Conference (IRRC 2018) and the 8th Rice Genetics Symposium (RG8). 

IRRC and RG8 are centered on the following themes:


IRRC Themes

RG8 Themes

Systems Physiology

High through-put technologies: Genotyping, Phenotyping and Omics

Genetic Improvement

Genome Biology: Structure, Function and Comparison

Disruptive technologies and innovations

Genetics of Yield: Grain quality and quantity

Sustainable and equitable farming systems

Genetics of Abiotic interactions: Stress tolerance and Mitigation

Climate change and environmental sustainability

Pathways to health and nutrition

Genetics of Biotic interactions: 

Stress tolerance,  Mitigation and Microbiome

Social inclusion and gender equality

Genome and Gene editing: Novel tools and technologies

Food systems for the future

Genes for Hybrid Rice


Abstracts may be presented in any of the three categories shown below:

·  15-minute oral presentations

·  3-5 minute ‘flash talks’ (science café style)

·  Posters

Those submitting abstracts should indicate the theme in which they wish to present, select up to three keywords, and indicate their preferred category of presentation. The abstract should contain a title, list of authors (highlighting the presenter) and their affiliations, and a narrative of 350 words maximum.

Based on content and selected keywords, presentations will be grouped in specific sessions under each theme. The IRRC 2018 science committee will notify submitters of abstracts on acceptance, placement in sessions, and categorization of their presentation.

Instructions for presentations will be communicated after acceptance of abstracts.

Results of the abstract submissions will be released by IRRI  from May onwards. We encourage you to register early to enjoy the early bird rates. Click here to register

Before starting your abstract submission, please ensure that you have read the theme descriptions and their respective set of keywords mentioned in the International Rice Congress Website

Frequently Asked Questions

Submitting Abstracts

1. What information do I need to submit?

·       The full title of your submission (max 50 words)

·       Theme which the abstract falls under

·       Names and main email address of all authors (up to a maximum of 10)

·       Affiliations of all authors

·       Name and main email address of the presenting author

·       Narrative of your abstract (max 350 words)

·       Whether you would like your abstract published with IRRI, if it is eligible and accepted for presentation

·       Indicate your preferred presentation method (if selected for presentation)

2. Can I submit work that has been submitted to another event?

·       We do not accept work that has been submitted to previous International Rice Congress (IRC). However, you can submit work that has been presented or submitted to other meetings, but only if it has not already been presented at two or more international congresses or meetings.

3. Can I submit more than 1 abstract?

·       Yes, you may submit more than 1 abstract.

4. Must I submit my abstract in English only?

·       Yes, we only accept abstracts submitted in English only.

5. I would like to submit a video presentation, do I need to submit a video of my abstract

·       No, at this stage, all we need from you is the abstract. Submission of any video is not necessary at this juncture.

6. If I tick the “oral presentation” or "flash talk" box, does that mean I will be given an oral/flash talk presentation if I am successful?

·       The allocation of oral presentations and flash talks is decided by the Scientific Committee and based on the scores of the abstracts. If you tick the box and opt for an oral presentation or flash talk, you will be considered but may be offered a poster presentation instead.

7. Can I submit an abstract by post, fax or email?

·       No, abstracts submitted by fax, email or paper copy will not be considered. The judging and allocation of the abstracts take place through our online system so only abstracts submitted online will be accepted.

Making Changes to your Abstract

1. Can I make amendments to my abstract after as I have submitted it?

·       Yes, you can amend your submission any time up until the submission deadline by logging back into the online system.

2. Can I make changes to my abstract if it is successful?

·       Once the submission deadline has passed, then no further amendments to your abstract are possible, even if you are selected to present. Please take the time to ensure that all the information in your abstract is correct and how you would want it to appear published.

3. Can I add additional authors?

·       Yes, you can amend your submission any time up until the submission deadline by logging back into the online system. Once the deadline has passed through, you will not be able to make any changes including adding authors.

4. When are changes allowed until?

·       Once the submission is done, no further amendments to your abstract can be made. Please take the time to ensure that all the information in your abstract is correct.

5. Can I cancel a submission?

·       If you wish to withdraw an abstract, please contact the Congress Secretariat and confirm the withdrawal in writing by email.


1. When will the results of the abstracts review be out?

·       Results of the abstracts submissions will be released by IRRI from May onwards and you will be notified by the registered email. We strongly encourage you to register for International Rice Congress 2018 early to enjoy early bird rates.

2. Will I receive individual feedback on my abstract?

·       Unfortunately, due to the high number of abstracts we receive, it is not possible for us to provide feedback on each one

Presenting your Abstract

1. What types of presentations are available?

·       You are able to indicate your interest on any one of the presentation format:

o   15-min oral presentation

o   3-5 min “flash-talk”

o   Poster session

·       Final allocation is decided by the Scientific Committee and based on the review of the abstracts.

2. I am unsure whether I can attend the Congress, do I need to be registered to present?

·       Yes, at least one of the authors needs to register for the full Congress to present the abstract. Please note that submitting an abstract does NOT automatically register you as a congress delegate

3. Can my colleague present my work instead if I am successful?

·       We recommend that the person submitting the abstract is the main author who will be presenting at the Congress. However, any of the other named authors on the abstract can present if the main author is unable to attend. If your colleague is not a named author, then he/she will not be permitted to present on your behalf.

4. I can only attend for one day, can I still present my work?

·       In order for your work to be presented at the Congress, at least one of the named authors on the abstract must register to attend the Congress in full order.

5. I would like to present my work but don’t want to give an oral presentation, is this possible?

·       Yes, if you tick poster presentation you won’t be considered for an oral presentation.