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Entries Deadline

25-May-2018 08:00 PM (GMT -8:00)

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Nominations Deadline for the 15th Annual ITVT/TVOT Awards for Leadership in Interactive and Multiplatform Television Is May 25th!

DATE OF AWARDS: ITVT's Awards for Leadership in Interactive and Multiplatform Television, now in their 15th year, will be presented at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2018 (June 13th-14th in San Francisco). 

WHO/WHAT TO NOMINATE?: Nominate yourself as a leader, your colleagues, people you admire in the industry, your company, a project or platform, specific technology, content offerings, design and user experiences, advertising campaigns and platforms. Nominate for many categories and increase your chances! This is for May 2017 - May 2018. See all categories below. 

FEE TO NOMINATE: Each category nominated for any nomination (project, company or person) requires an $120 fee for processing as we are now in the POST DEADLINE WINDOW, which was May 18th, the first deadline. Payment takes place at the end of the nomination process. 

LATE DEADLINE + NOMINATION FEE:  Late entries will be charged $120 ($85+$35 late fee), up until May 25th, which is the final deadline. 

SALES TAXES:  PayPal charges 2.9% + $.30 per transaction. California additionally charges $14.45. You may see a slight increase on your credit card charge, therefore.

NOMINATING OFFLINE: If you would prefer not to use the Judgify platform or the PayPal transaction gateway (though, it does use established credit cards), please contact Tracy Swedlow at tracyswedlow@itvt.com or 415-608-4766 to complete offline. 

FREE TVOT PASS: One representative from any final nominee company, person or project WILL BE INVITED to the TVOT Show and be able to receive one free pass to attend. Once we know if you are ON that final list, we will reach out to you. Otherwise, feel free to purchase a ticket just in case!  http://tvotshow.com/register-tvot

The Awards recognize excellence in nine categories:
  • "Achievement in Advanced Advertising": the company, organization or individual that did the most to realize the promise of advanced advertising (including such areas as cross-platform campaigns, connected TV, social video, addressable, dynamic advertising insertion, branded content, influencer marketing, measurement, programmatic, data usage, and more) over the past year.
  • "Most Significant Impact": the company or organization that has had the most significant impact on the industry as a whole over the past year (i.e. June 9th, 2017 through May 11th, 2018);
  • "Most Significant Newcomer": the company or organization that was the most significant newcomer/breakthrough player of the past year; 
  • "Most Significant Technology, Platform or Product": the company or organization that invented the most innovative and disruptive technology, platform or product of the past year; 
  • "Most Significant Content Offering": the company or organization that created the most innovative and disruptive content offering of the past year; 
  • "Most Innovative Design or User Interface": the company or organization that created the most innovative and disruptive design/user interface/content-navigation schema of the past year; 
  • "Individual Leadership": an individual who demonstrated notable leadership in the interactive, multiplatform TV industry over the past year, and whose efforts helped move that industry forward; 
  • "ITV All-Star": an individual who has a long-term track record of leadership in the interactive television industry, and who is an appropriate candidate for membership in an ITV Hall of Fame. 

Thanks for participating!  

See you at TVOT http://tvotshow.com June 13-14th.