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How to Write a Good Slogan for a Contest

While slogans are often thought of as an advertising text type, they can also be used in many other cases. When writing an effective slogan for a contest, promotion is often the main point. That’s why professional event organisers should be able to come up with good slogan ideas for their business clients.

Writing a slogan for a contest


Organisers definitely need to master the subtleties of clever verse drafting. Slogans are catchy phrases that are used in advertising campaigns along with company logos. Slogans are rightly considered the most effective method of drawing attention to one or more aspects of a product or brand as well as the company itself or the events it organises or participates in. Here are some ideas on how to write a slogan for a contest.

10 tips: how to come up with an unforgettable slogan

  1. Get to the point.

Some slogans are crammed with the maximum amount of information, but this isn’t always a wise choice. If you can’t explain to people what your contest is about in three to five words, then it won’t be easy for you to convey this to your employees. A slogan is not only associated with marketing success but also stimulates communication between the company members.

  1. Avoid too much about nothing.

There are a plethora of modern headlines and good marketing slogans. These may be vague and unconvincing for contest naming, however. You can practically see the dull marketing meetings that produced them. Instead, headlines and slogans should speak directly to your contest objectives.

  1. Tell a story.

What stories do you like? What do you feel when you think about your contest? Whatever it is, this is the position you’ll take. Your logo and slogan should convey this feeling exactly. Also, make sure that the firms you are working with are in agreement. Ask them if they like it or not before the final release.

  1. Tell about your offer.

It is true that the best headers are those that are simple and quickly remembered, but there is something else to consider: They must be functional! The slogan tells potential participants about your event or shows the differences between your company and your competitors.

  1. Be precise.

Make sure that the slogan accurately reflects your event. Branding is directly related to clarity. Most people try to sound catchy rather than writing a strong, precise slogan.

  1. Tell about the company.

You don’t need to worry about how to show all of your company’s steepness and wit in one slogan. You only need a few words to convey the essence of your event, which is not always easy. If you can’t convey it in the proper words, use the services of professional copywriters who know how to make a slogan for a contest.

  1. Use context.

A good slogan is remembered by participants after a single glance. A good example of this is a provocative slogan within the context of what your contest is about, for example, Go Beyond Your Limits!  Foresee at ForSight Competition! Work Hard–Play Hard! Share the Vision!, etc.

  1. Keep it short.

The slogan should be simple and short. A slogan should say a lot in just a few words, for example, “Find your best friend among your team!” This is a powerful slogan!

  1. Put it simply.

The slogan should grow with the company, but reflecting that company culture can be hard. It’s easy to fall into the trap of not telling about what your company is really doing, why, and where. Another trap is too many stylistic devices or wordiness. Not all slogans should include alliteration, a cunning rhyme, or a pun.

  1. Follow the script.

The more extensive your slogan is, the more easily people will forget about your event. The more specific it is, the stronger and clearer the scenario that the company is developing will be and the more often people will think about the company’s contest. The slogan should be a trigger, so you should be very specific and focus on the script.

  1. Ask for professional help.

When you have an assignment to make up a contest or any other event but can’t seem to come up with a quality slogan and don’t know how to write a good slogan for a contest, feel free to use professional assistance.


Even as an industry pro, it may be difficult to determine if you’ve used too many words, stylistic devices, and jargon or whether the clever use of words fits your company’s policy, activity, or other criteria, etc.  Come up with ideas carefully; you don’t want to be misunderstood. Someone who specializes in the field of event planning will be able to offer relevant feedback and some great pieces of advice for tagline, slogan, or script improvement that you probably haven’t thought of yet. So even if you have your own ideas, you should still consult professionals in the sphere of event marketing and event organization, use contest management system or ask for a quality example of the best slogan for a contest.

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